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Women's Giving Circle


Clark County Bookworm Project....$500

Marshfield Area YMCA- BArrer Free....$644

Doing together what none of us could do alone!

WHO Golf Outing 2011WHO GOlf Outing 2011

July 18, 2012 Outing (Article from the Marshfield News Hearld)

Tuesday's oppressive heat didn't stop about 40 local women from participating in the Women Helping Others golf outing.

"It's an activity we enjoy, and it supports a cause that's important," said Jane Niehaus, a retired teacher who golfed in the WHO, which raises about $5,000 annually for local nonprofit agencies and organizations that support women and children.

Sweat dripped down the golfers' faces as they finished their rounds and stashed clubs into vehicles at the Marshfield Country Club, 11426 Highway B.

"It is so hot. But we still had a great time, even though I feel like I'm melting," said Niehaus, who golfed with Jane Wagner, another retired Marshfield teacher. Although the day was overcast, the temperature reached 90 degrees on the course.

While the number of participants was down from previous outings because of the weather, money raised this year is comparable to recent years, said Judy Marty, who organizes the event with Carol Adler, both of Marshfield.

"What's nice this year is that our sponsors at the corporate level increased, and that makes a difference when raising funds," Alder said.

The money raised by the WHO event is spread across the community to organizations such as The Hannah Center, Personal Development Center and St. Vincent de Paul Food Pantry.

"We're able to reach out to many organizations that help women," Adler said. WHO partnered in 2011 with the Marshfield Community Foundation's Women's Giving Circle to leverage funds raised by both organizations.

WHO was founded in 1998 by a group of local teachers who later approached Marty, a hair stylist, and Adler, president of the Medical Center Credit Union, to assume leadership of WHO.

When the effort to drive another golf ball down the fairway was too onerous in the sticky heat, country club staff members would take over and smack the ball for participants, said Darlene Berry, a Marshfield teacher.

"It's fun because you pay them to hit the hard shots and then they donate the money back to the golf outing," Berry said. "It's really nice the way the (country club staff members) have stepped up to participate in this, too."

Hosting the annual WHO is a worthwhile endeavor, said Chip Acker, the club's owner and golf pro.

"It's good to see everyone who comes each year, and it's a good cause to help out with," Acker said


2011 Outing

The Women Helping Others (W.H.O.) 2011 Charity Golf Scramble was held July 19 at the Marshfield Country Club with 87 women golfing.  It was an extremely hot day in Marshfield,with temperatures approaching 100 degrees. 
The women who turnout to support W.H.O. were undaunted by thetemperatures and  had a great day golfing!

W.H.O. also sponsored a 50/50 raffle, a Silent Auction, and a Choice Auction.  Many local businesses and             individuals supported the day.  This year’s hole sponsors included ESE Inc., the Dental Clinic of Marshfield,           Marshfield Medical Center Credit Union, High Street Salon, Spa, & Travel, Ameriprise Financial                 Services,   Bill and Sue Heiting, Pat Allen, Slumberland Furniture, I BrandlInc., Ken and Joan Shong, Security      Health Plan, the Marshfield Country Club, and St’ Joseph’s Hospital .

The W.H.O. golf outing began in 1998. Jane Wagner  and other Marshfield teachers decided that a golf outing would be a fun way forwomen to come together and raise money for good causes.   Over the years, the beneficiaries have included The Family Resource Center, The Marshfield Area Respite Care Center, Soup or Socks, Samaritan House, The Personal Development Center, The Pediatric Child Abuse & Neglect Program, Companion Day Services, Mary’s Place Boarding House, The Ronald McDonald House of Marshfield, and Shirley’s House of Hope.  Over the years the group hasraised close to $30,000 for local charities.  Almost $4400 was raised this year!

This year W.H.O. has partnered with the Marshfield Area Community Foundation (MACF) and the Women’s Giving Circle. The Women’s Giving Circle is a fund held at MACF. This fund focuses on collective giving, where women coming together have more power than an individual donor.  The Women’s Giving Circle focuses on issues facing women and children - including economic security, jobs, education, health, nutrition, parenting skills, substance –abuse counseling, affordable housing and day care, financial literacy, domestic violence prevention, and more.   45% of the events proceeds will go directly back to charities that help women and children, 5% will be used for fund expenses, and 50% will go to help establish and endowment- where women and children in our area will be helped forever.            This partnership is a natural fit and will allow the event to become an entity the will go on forever.

Women’s Giving Circle members will meet September 22 at Mid State College at 7 p.m. to decide who to donate to this year.  With needs increasing in our community, it should be a lively discussion!

2011 Women's Giving Circle Grants

$1000 Personal Development Center, "Program for telephone and translation equipment"

$800 Hannah Center," Renovation of Education and Resource Center"

$300 St. Vincent DePaul,"Provide milk to food pantry participants"

$900 Marshfield Area Coalition for Youth, "For Parent Network Dinners"

$1000 Clark County Department of Social Services, "Keeping women and Children Warm"

$260 Christmas Angel Project," Provide groceries, boots, coats for Christmas in Clark County"

$250 Spencer COME Meal," Community outreach meal for everyone"

2010 Women's Giving Circle Grants

$1,000 Clark County Dept of Social Services,"Keeping Women & Children Warm"

$1,000 Personal Development Center, "Adult Domestic Violence & Assault Program"

$500 Children's Service Society of WI, "Marshfield Family Resource Center"

$518 Soup or Socks

$300 Christ the King Spencer Food Pantry

$300 Christmas Angel Project of Chili, Humbird, Neillsville, Granton

What a difference a group of people can make! In just four  years, our area's first Women’s Giving Circle has awarded over  $13,400 to local programs and organizations benefiting women and children.

In May of 2008, the Women’s Giving Circle (WGC) gathered for the first time to learn how ordinary women could have extraordinary impact in their communities. Since that time, handbags that help have become a signature accessory!

For those of you new to the Women’s Giving Circle and the Marshfield Area Community Foundation, let's take a moment to get acquainted...

What does a Giving Circle do? The concept is as simple as it is powerful. A Giving Circle is formed when individuals come together and pool their dollars, decide where to give, and learn together about their community, its needs and issues, and philanthropy. So when women band together, so much can be accomplished, leading to a much greater impact. There's an old saying, "It takes one to know one." Who better to understand the strengths and challenges of women, than other women? Caring about others was ingrained in us from the beginning and we are fortunate to be able to do so in ways that suit each of us perfectly as individuals and together.

Each member of the Women’s Giving Circle makes an annual donation to join and each member has a vote on how the funds are disbursed. In the first year the WGC had nearly 50 initial members. The members were diverse and passionate group that contributed over $7000. The WGC met as a group to review the proposals in that first September with about $3,300 available for making grants; or 45% of the entire year’s fund. (50% is placed in a Women’s Giving Circle Fund Endowment to establish long term funding and 5% goes to fund management expenses.) In October, in just five months, five organizations were awarded grants to help women and children in our community!

We, at the Women’s Giving Circle are building a community of women philanthropists, we are maintaining a permanent endowment fund, and we are providing grants to organizations and iniatives that advance the well being of women and girls in our greater Marshfield area.

It is a great time to be a part of this Women’s Giving Circle! This past year was outstanding and innovative. Our accomplishments included granting $3,900 to six organizations which are dedicated to improving the life of women, girls and children in our area. Our numbers remained steady, actually increasing slightly, despite challenging economic times and we are now over 50 ladies strong! We have much to be proud of and have great momentum as we start our new membership season.

Since our founding in 2008, the Women’s Giving Circle has awarded over $7,800 to 9 different non-profit organizations. The endowment fund has $9,700. To borrow a well-worn phrase, "You Go Girl!"

Being a part of this Women’s Giving Circle makes you more aware of the nitty-gritty needs that happen every day...almost like being on the front lines. The Women’s Giving Circle has a depth of knowlege of the community's need that is so much greater than one’s could ever be alone.

Our membership for 2012 continues. Many requests for donations to many different worthy causes show up in our mailbox throughout the year. It is a tough time for many in our community, and for many who wish to help. The Women's Giving Circle is a nice way to make your dollars go a long way to many different, excellent groups that support women and children right here in our neighborhoods.

We are asking you to choose to invest your philanthropic dollars...or in other words, the power of your the Women’s Giving Circle, and thus in vest in our community of women and girls, today, tomorrow, and forever.

Perhaps some of you have read, or heard about the book, The Tipping Point, with its notion that small actions can manifest a magnificent change if given the right environment and support. We set forth to undertake as many thoughtful actions as possible to spread the word of our Giving Circle's effort to improve the quality of life for our fellow women and children in our communities.

This is where The Women’s Giving Circle can help. The power of giving together, toward a common goal, is a smart strategy enabling us to do more with less. The Women’s Giving Circle focuses on collective giving…on issues facing women, girls and children, including economic security, jobs, education, health and nutrition, parenting skills, substance-abuse counseling, affordable housing and day care, financial literacy, domestic violence prevention….the list goes on.

Our goal for 2012 is ambitious: it’s $25,000. Just think what that could do for our greater Marshfield area! Let’s double our membership to 100 women! What if each one of us recruited just one new member? Imagine! We often use the slogan, "Handbags That Help". Let’s fill up lots of handbags to address some emergent needs, perhaps a bold new venture or a new solution to a worn problem. These handbags will help mothers, sisters, daughters and friends.

Handbags that help make real change in real time. We look forward to an exciting year filled with new philinthropic opportunities, unique community outreach and dramatic impact on women and girls in our area. Every gift is a statement, a statementof your commitment to improve the odds for women and girls, now and for the future.

Margaret Mead once said, "Never doubt a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it's the only thing that ever has."

You may join by calling (715)384-9029 or emailing!

So what’s the next step? In July look for an announcement for a Request for Proposals from the Marshfield Area Community Foundation. These requests will be due in August. The Women’s Giving Circle will meet in September to review and recommend funding.

Please remember how women, together, can drive change and achieve impact with the handbags that help women, girls and families in the communities through the Women’s Giving Circle.

We are the ripples of hope and compassion for disadvantaged women, girls and children.

Wine & Chocolate Women & Giving“Wine & Chocolate, Women & Giving”

The Women’s Giving Circle, a fund of the Marshfield Area Community Foundation will host its third annual membership gathering, “Wine & Chocolate, Women & Giving”, on Wednesday , May 11 at 7 p.m. in the Erdman Foyer-Laird Center for Medical Research Marshfield Clinic. Members of the Women’s Giving Circle pool their donated money and decide collectively how to use that money to make a difference in their communities. All women in the greater Marshfield area are welcome to attend. For more information, or to RSVP by May 4, please contact the Marshfield Area Community Foundation office 384-9029.


The Women’s Giving Circle is now accepting grant applications through the Marshfield Area Community Foundation.

The mission of the Women’s Giving Circle is to raise money and distribute contributions in the form of annual grants to projects that improve life for women and children in the Marshfield area. Grants awarded will range from $500 to $1,000. Applicants must be qualified as IRS 501(c)(3) not-for-profit or be classified as a governmental, educational, or religious charitable organization.

Proposals must address the needs of women and/or children in the Marshfield service area which is defined as an area roughly bounded by Neillsville to the west, Withee to the northwest, Abbotsford to the north, Stratford and Rozellville to the northeast, Milladore to the east, and Arpin to the south. Proposals may not discriminate on the basis of race, ethnicity, or religion.

The focus of the Women’s Giving Circle grant initiatives may include, but are not limited to: Women’s Issues, Women/Teen/Children’s Health, Parenting Skills, Child Abuse, Housing/Homelessness, Economic Independence, Marketable Skills/Job Training, Literacy, Prevention of Violence and Abuse, Assisting Low-Income Women with Children. Careful consideration will be given to the applicant’s mission statement and proposed use of volunteer involvement. The applicant should establish measurable goals and have an evaluation process for reviewing and promoting best practices, encourage cooperation among agencies without duplicating services, and demonstrate collaborative funding with other community resources. The applicant should also demonstrate how the positive outcomes of the program would be sustained.

The members of the Women’s Giving Circle will evaluate all proposals and submit recommendations to the Marshfield Area Community Foundation Board of Trustees at the September Board meeting. Funding announcements will be made in October.

All applicants must complete an application form and submit the required additional documentation no later than August 15, 2010. (A grant application for a Women's Giving Circle Grant, a Community Grant, or a Senior Citizen Grant may be downloaded by using the link below.)

Grant Application

Click here to obtain the Community, Women's Giving Cirlce, and Seniors Grants Guidelines.

For additional informationnd/or application materials please contact Amber Kiggens-Leifheit, Executive Director, Marshfield Area Community Foundation, 384-9029,