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Our Board and Staff

The Marshfield Area Community Foundation is governed by a volunteer Board of Trustees composed of 16 community members who serve without reimbursement. Some of the board members are appointed by or are selected from other organizations while the rest are at-large members. In addition, four ex-officio members are non-voting trustees.

The Board currently consists of the following:




Marty Reinhart, Chair, at-large




Pat Saucerman, Vice- Chair, School District of Marshfield








Bill Heiting , Past- Chair

Kathleen Anderson, at-large

Ed Englehart, City of Marshield appointment


  • Graham Olson, at-large
  • Paula Jero, United Way appointment
  • Scott Larson, MACCI Representative
  • Pete Schmeling, at-large
  • Dr. Patricia Stuhr, UW-Marshfield/Wood County appointment
  • Ron Wilczek, at-large
  • Don Zais, at-large





The Advisors are:

  • James Bartelt
  • Bette Adler ( Lifetime Founding Director)

The paid staff of the Foundation consists of two employees. They are:

  • Amber Kiggens-Leifheit, Executive Director                  Amber Kiggens-Leifheit
  • Mary Treichel, Administrative Assistant


    Past board members include:

    Michael Adamson

    Pat Anderson

    Kim Baltus
    Matt Berrier
    Carol Berg

    Rev. Eric Biedermann

    Joyce Billings

    Alan Billings

    Michelle Boernke

    John Bujalski

    Gregg Cleveland
    Tom Cunningham
    Tim Deets

    Dennis DeVetter

    Brenda Dillenburg

    Sharla Dreikosen
    Georgette Frazer
    Rick Heinzen
    Patty Huettl
    Deborah Janz
    Irene Johnson
    Steve Johnson

    Mary Karau

    Brian Kief

    Rev. Mark Krueger

    John Adam Kruse

    Amanda Lang

    Fr. Jim Logan
    Stacy Mara
    Carl Meissner
    Bill Mork

    Rev. Dean Pingel

    Tim Schultz

    David Smith
    Aaron Staab
    Keith Strey

    Jane Wagner

    Teri Wilczek

    Connie Willfahrt

    Steve Youso

    Steve Yorde


    Founding Members:

    Bette Adler

    Anne Adler

    James Bartelt

    Sandra Garrand

    Jack Hackman

    Rev. Robert Jacobs

    Pat LeGrand

    Margaret Leonard

    Carol McCart

    Ralph Mueller

    Betty Ptacek

    Cliff Reigel

    Terri Richards

    Clem Spencer

    Mary Pat Swamy

    Doug Wendlandt