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Grants from Funds

Community, Senior and Women's Giving Circle Grants
Community Grants 2014

(supported by the Forever Fund, the Community Grants Fund, Chronquist Senior Fund, Womens Giving Circle, and several other endowed funds)

The following is a listing of grants to be awarded in July of 2014. This list is not comprehensive and does not reflect the totality of the Foundation's grant making for the calendar year.


Clark County HCE
Wisconsin Bookworm...$500

Central Wisconsin Literacy Council

Workbooks for reading and math education for adults...$1500

Marshfield Area YMCA

Changing table and shower chair for disabled children...$1368

Wisconsin Institute for Public Policy and Service

To support public policy forums to increase awareness and toencourage civil discussion...$2000

School District of Marshfield

To support new Anti-bullying education...$1000