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Grants and Scholarships

Giving money back is what the Marshfield Area Community Foundation is all about. All of our funds generate charitable donations that go back into the community we serve. Since our founding in 1993, the Community Foundation has given back grants totaling $4 million.

The Foundation celebrates our grants  each year. In the spring a Scholarship Reception brings together the students receiving scholarships with the donors who made them possible. In the summer and winter grants are awarded from our Community Grants and Senior Grants Program.

Community Grants are supported by our Community Grants Fund, our Forever Fund, and several other funds, including the Heinzen Family Fund. Community Grants are discretionary grants awarded annually on a competitive basis. Community Grants are our best means of responding to new or changing charitable needs in our community. Click here to obtain the Community, Women's Giving Circle, and Seniors Grants Guidelines.

Another source of special funding is the new Women's Giving Circle Fund. This fund awards grants to programs that address the needs of women and/or children.

A third source of discretionary grants is The Senior Citizens Fund addresses the needs of our senior population.

The deadline for submitting grant applications for the current round of funding from The Community or Senior Grants is June 1, 2015. (A grant application for a Community Grant, a Women's Giving Circle Grant, or a Senior Citizen Grant may be downloaded by using the link below.)

Grant Application

In 2005, the Marshfield Area Community Foundation began publishing an annual Scholarship Bulletin that lists not only the Community Foundation scholarships, but also those scholarships of local interest funded by other foundations or by area individuals, families, organizations, and businesses. The Bulletin provides basic information about each scholarship, including eligibility criteria, where to obtain the application, and deadline dates. The Scholarship Bulletin is published by the Buyers’ Guide and distributed widely in our service area. (The 2014 version of the Bulletin may be downloaded by using the link immediately below.)

Scholarship Bulletin NOTE: The Scholarship Bulletin is around 5 MB in file size and may take some time to download completely.

The Foundation is profoundly grateful to the donors who have created or contributed to the funds we manage. They are our life blood. Without these caring and generous people, the Foundation would not exist. The health of the Foundation and the community depends on an ever expanding family of donors who will come forward to address the needs of the area through their charitable giving.