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Contributors to the Unrestricted Funds

Each year the Community Foundation conducts a fund-raising drive to benefit our Forever Fund, the Operational Endowment, and our Community Grants Fund. The Forever Fund supplements our operating budget and supports our Community Grants program. The Forever Fund provides us with the flexibility we need to respond to new and changing community needs.  The Operational Endowment helps support our work today and forever.  The following is a list of contributors to the funds from 2013.


Associated Trust Company

Vernon Baltus

Baltus Oil Company

Jim and Sheryl Bartelt

Dr. Thomas and Dr. Rebecca Bartow

Lori Belongia

Efstathios and Vasiliki Beltaos

Matthew and Margo Berrier

Ken and Joyce Billings

James Bokern

Bruce Brink

Hong Mo and His-Mei Chen

Timothy and Cheryl Deets

Edward Denny and Laura Nelke

Dental Clinic of Marshfield SC

Dennis and Roberta Devetter

Harry Dolan

Ed and Deb Englehart

Stewart and Tracy Etten

Linda Fenske

Arlan and Priscilla Ferch

Ronald and Karen Fischer

Martha Fischer

Forward Financial Bank

Randy Gershman

Bob and Mindy Gribble

Gregory and Julie Gross

Floyd and Patricia Hamus

Curtis and Sarah Hanson

James and Terry Hardacre

John and Susan Harrington

John and Stephanie Hayes

Robert Heck

Bill and Sue Heiting

Heritage Bank

Ronald and Linda Hertel

Dan and Julie Horton

Jim Conterato and Lynn Deuser

Hellen Johannes

Richard Kamps

Dr. Robert Kay

Donald and Cynthia Kelman

Brian and Beth Kief

Dr. Elizabeth Knabe

Dr. Ronald Knuth

Tom and Nan Kolbeck

Kent and Mary Lynn Kretchmar

Amanda Lang

Barbara Lee

Peter and Ellen Leick

Tom and Amber Leifheit

Mark Borchardt and Gwen Stone

Mark Nelson and Bridget O’Brien

Marshfield Area United Way

Ronald and Donna Martin

Joe and Ginny Mazza

Fergus and Ann Mckiernan

Dr. John and Linda Melski

Rick and Maureen Mercier

Juan and Victoria Mesa

Sue Meyer

Richard and Bonnie Meyer

Ronald and Judith Meyer

Walter and Paula Minder

Noreen Moen

Graham Olson

Olson, Boernke, Saucerman, Reinhart, Boernke

Barry and Tammy Ott

Mary Ousley

Patti Paulsen

Kathy Stamas and Peter Stamas, Jr., MD

Ted and Kathy Praxel

Kathleen Pribnow

Robert Radtke

Re/Max American Dream

Martin and Laurie Reinhart

Karen Reyes

Judy Rhodes

Terri Richards

Dr. Roger and Patricia Riepe

Kathleen Rulka

Dr. Michael and Jane Ryan

Jeanne Salimbene

Connie Schauer

Pete Schmeling

Chuck and Marian Schmoller

Mike and Carolyn Schulein

William Sennholz

Gerry Smith

Ervin and Mary Alice Stangl

Michael and Mary Stevens

Janet Stewart

Dr. Thomas and Ruth Stram

Keith and Kris Strey

Ken and Jean Swenson

Stuart and Christine Tipping

John and Susan Twiggs

Dr. Dieter and Ruth Voss

John and Jane Wagner

David and Joan Weber

Beth Weinfurtner

Douglas and Susan Wendlandt

Rita Werth

Rederic and Diana Wesbrook

Rob and Beth Wickersham