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The Reigels Donate to the Community Grants Fund

Jan 16, 2017

Bill Reigel has lived in Marshfield his entire life. He said Marshfield has been very good for him and his wife Pat. The Reigels have been very good for Marshfield as well.

Bill Reigel started Reigel Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning, here in Marshfield in 1969. Bill said many people were generous and hired him when he was first starting out. In less than one year, and with an already well-known name and reputation, a warehouse was constructed. Bill's interest in buying specialty parts led to the building of the present retail store at 1701 S. Galvin Ave. in Marshfield which houses Reigel's offices, warehouse, and retail hardware store. In 1984, Reigel's purchased Mauer's Heating to become a full service plumbing, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning contractor. In 1999 his children (Mike Reigel, Brian Reigel, and Jeff Kolpanen) took over the business. Today, Reigel's employs just under 50 full time employees.

Twenty-four years ago, Bill had a heart transplant. An organ donor made it possible for him to have more time with his wife Pat and family. Bill says, "If I think back before transplant I was so sick, it's just a new life... no question about it". He also said, "He is very fortunate to have had the extra time and that he has been blessed." "It has been an awesome experience," said Reigel. "I have seen my family grow." The Reigels celebrated their 56th wedding anniversary this year. They continue to enjoy their retirement. The Marshfield Clinic Health Care System "has kept them going" and now they feel a real drive to help others as they have been helped.

Bill and Pat Reigel have helped the community in many ways. Their donor advised fund at MACF has provided funding for the Women's Shelter in Loyal, Marshfield Area Habitat for Humanity, and Columbus Catholic Schools. This year the Reigels made an extra-ordinary donation. They used the required minimum distribution from their IRA to contribute to our Community Grants Fund. The Community Grants Fund helps with emerging needs here in the Marshfield area. In the past, this fund has supported Nutrition on Weekends program, Keep Kids Warm, the Personal Development Center, Home Delivered Meals, Mary's Boarding House, St. Vincent DePaul Outreach, Big Brothers and Big Sisters, and many, many other local non-profits. In doing so, their contribution will continue to help people in the Marshfield Community forever.
Thank you Bill and Pat Reigel for helping our community!