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Cole Family Music Fund Established

Jun 14, 2016

Carla Cole Stebbins established the Cole Family Music Fund to honor her family's contribution to the music within the Marshfield community. The fund was established to support music programs and musical organizations within the Marshfield area. Each year, worthy non-profit organizations in the Marshfield area may apply for a grant to enhance the quanity and quality of the performing arts programs in Central Wisconsin. These programs may include grants for (but not limited to): venue rentals and piano tuning for public student recitals given by private music teachers, Palm Sunday Choir support, Central Wisconsin Chamber Choral support, Central Wisconsin Symphony Orchestra, the Marshfield City Band summer guest performer support, and providing support in bringing guest performers by performing arts organizations such as Chestnut Center for the Arts and the Lucille Tack Center for the Arts. The fund may not be used for support of school music programs.